Maintenance & Repair Solutions

Controlled Bolting and On-Site Machining



Tensioning & TorqueingProTech Solutions is a leader in providing the safest, highest quality industrial bolting, torqueing and tensioning services in the industry. Whether a planned or unplanned outage, you can feel confident that you have the best on-site equipment and technicians to ensure leak-free start-up of such critical assemblies as pipe flanges, reactors, vessel man-ways, compressors, and heat exchangers.


Incorporating the newest technology in the industry ProTech has transformed how technical bolting is done; by combining the patented washer system with the double layered safety socket instant improvements in safety, speed and accuracy are realized.

Safety: The newly designed washer system eliminates the need for reaction arms which are the most common cause of injury on bolting jobs. The unique design of the washer allows the double layered safety socket to react on the washer itself.

Speed: The washer removes the complicated setup associated with other bolting systems and makes the bolting process more intuitive for improved job times.

Accuracy: Typical bolting systems put the reaction arm and square drive on opposite sides of the tool causing high stress in the body of the tool, which can lead to failure over time. The Washer puts the action and reaction on the square drive axis to eliminate internal stress, and increase the lifetime of your tools.

ProTech-Solutions technical bolting services are tailored to your specific requirements and performed with the unparalleled attention to safe, efficient, reliable and accurate execution.

  • Bolt Torqueing
  • Hot Bolting
  • Hydraulic Bolting
  • Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning
  • Technical Bolting Services
  • Hydraulic Nut Splitting



The Machine Shop Mobilized

ProTech-Solutions field machining services enable cost-effective modification and repair of a variety of parts and equipment on site and in-place 24-hours a day. Ideal for new construction projects, modifications, planned shutdowns and emergency repairs, our highly trained technicians and equipment have the capacity to perform all aspects of in-situ/onsite machining including pipe cutting and beveling, flange facing, milling, boring, shaft turning, grinding, drilling and tapping.

ProTech field machining services is where you are, when you need us, whether the project involves a planned outage, forced outage, or emergency repairs our experienced, highly skilled on-site service technicians respond rapidly, applying the best onsite machining solution.

ProTech provides highly trained field machining technicians along with the best portable intrinsically safe machining equipment available today.

  • Reduced cost compared to full dismantling required for machine shop services
  • Service performed anywhere in the world
  • Compact outside and inside mounted equipment available to fit any application
  • Experienced Certified Technicians
  • Laser measurement systems available
  • The most advanced cutting, beveling and drilling machines available in the market
  • In-depth technical knowledge to develop specific machining service to any application
  • Valve repair Machining