ProTech-Solutions Awarded Major Piping System Contract

One of the nation’s largest steel producers recently awarded ProTech-Solutions a mechanical integrity project to provide visual inspection, ultrasonic testing, process safety management reporting and analysis of the company’s gas main piping system.  The gas used from the piping system is critical to plant operations and a system shutdown or temporary outage of the gas feed would require plant-wide shut-down.  ProTech was successful in identifying immediate areas for repair to remain operational as well as areas that would require repair prior to next inspection.

Following inspection and analysis of the piping system and wall thickness erosion rates ProTech-Solutions was requested to provide ASME compliant composite repairs on areas that fell below minimum allowable wall thickness.  The engineered composite material was applied by ProTech trained certified composite technicians and the eroded piping system restored to ensure continued integrity and fitness for service of the piping system.

ProTech-Inspection Acquired

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA MARCH 23, 2017 — ProTech Inspection Incorporated, a provider of advanced non-destructive examination services to the power, chemical and petrochemical markets has announced that they have reached an agreement to be acquired by former executives of Furmanite Corporation.  In addition, the company has been rebranded ProTech-Solutions to more accurately reflect the company’s full service offering of NDE, heat treatment, field machining, technical bolting, line isolation, leak sealing and composite repair.  The campaign to Combine mechanical services with heat treatment and non-destructive examination services was instrumental in the rapid growth of Furmanite from 2006 until the company was acquired in 2015.

Headquartered in Texas ProTech-Solutions is a provider of specialty industrial services including inspection and assessment used in maintaining high temperature and high-pressure systems utilized in the refining, petrochemical, steel making power and pipeline industry